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The circular business model

By adopting a circular business model your organization commits to minimizing waste and raw material use. In doing so, you help build a sustainable economy and achieve the overarching aim in the European Green Deal to make the European Union climate-neutral by 2050. Did you know we have already saved more than 10,000,000 products from the waste dump?

Dynafix helps your organization set up a circular strategy by following the various R-ladder strategies. We can help your organization:

  • To make products circular
  • To extend the life of products
  • To reuse materials

Making products circular

We help your organization make products circular. In the circular business model, we start by looking at the first strategy on the R-ladder, comprising the components Refuse, Rethink and Reduce.
By adopting this strategy on the R-ladder we help your organization determine which products or materials should be used differently, which should be used less and which should not be used at all. An example is redesigning a product to make it easier to replace or reuse certain parts in the future. Cutting repair and service turnaround times also contributes significantly to reducing the number of total products needed in a process or chain.

Extending the life of products

The second strategy on the R-ladder is focused on extending the life of products. This strategy is broken down into four components: Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Repurpose.

Dynafix can provide support and advice to your organization in your quest to extend the life of products and materials. We work with you to identify which products and materials can be reused and which products can be repaired by our specialist technicians.

Reuse of materials

The third strategy on the R-ladder is all about optimal reuse of materials and energy production.

Before incineration, we extract all valuable materials from a product for reuse.
Dynafix also works with partners that are specialized in removing materials for reuse or incineration, focusing on traceability and best processing solution.

Keen to know what Dynafix can do for you?

Or like to ask us a question? We love finding efficient circular solutions to the challenges we are presented with. In doing so, we always look at things from the perspective of your organization, your business model and your customers.