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Our story

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Our story

How it all began

In 1995, a start-up was established that repaired telecommunications equipment. The small start-up soon carved out a reputation for its proactive, customer-focused way of working. As well as repairs, this ambitious business also gave customers advice on how to improve their appliances. That helped avoid preventable damage and created long-term working relationships with customers.

In 2003 the start-up became Dynafix, which has been the B2B (and B2C) market leader for aftersales service in the Benelux for many years now.

Dynafix: we keep you connected

We manage, assemble, install, maintain, repair, refurbish, replace and recycle complex and mobile electronic appliances to keep organizations connected with their customers or employees. Together with the other business units of DynaGroup we service manufacturers, retailers, telecom operators, insurers, banks, lease companies and other businesses and organizations day in, day out. That partnership makes us the fastest, most reliable and most innovative aftersales service partner for the businesses and their customers.

Comprehensive service

Dynafix offers comprehensive aftersales service – and not just for telecoms equipment.  We are constantly adding to our product and service portfolio. As well as smartphones, we offer organizations a full aftersales service for tablets, laptops, LCD TVs, drones and more, including e-scooters and coffee machines. Your customers, IT department and/or employees can count on our reliable management, repair and replacement solutions every time.

Ultimate customer experience

As a creative and innovative “behind-the-scene partner”, we constantly develop new, reliable and successful aftersales service management solutions. What sets us apart: we always look at things from the perspective of your organization, your revenue models and, of course, your customers. Our solutions can be immediately applied, resulting in the ultimate customer experience. As a result, you strengthen your relationship with customers and open the door to further growth.


Dynafix is part of DynaGroup. From repairing smartphones and delivering passports to homes to installing and repairing washing machines: DynaGroup provides smart solutions for organizations and their customers. DynaGroup is made up of six complementary business units, each with its own area of expertise. We have ten branches in the Benelux region, where more than 2000 committed employees work together every day to exceed the expectations of your and your customers or employees.

These are the DynaGroup business units:

Dynafix, aftersales services for electronics, such as smartphones, laptops, drones and coffee machines.

Dynalogic, full-service Benelux-wide delivery specialist for valuable products of any size. Dynalogic provides peace of mind by delivering and installing valuable products at the time and place desired by the customer.

Dynasure, secure back office services, policy management and claim processing.

Dynalinq, IT specialist in integrated supply chain solutions.

Leen Menken, specialist in logistics services for food sector companies. Leen Menken offers temperature-controlled warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services to B2C and B2B customers.

Dynahealth, because we care