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Will there be a charge for the repair?

Is the defective device still in warranty?
If so, we will carry out repairs free of charge!

Where is there a charge for the repair?
When checking the device we may find evidence of physical damage (caused by dropping, say) or water damage. In that case, the repair costs will not be covered by the warranty. Devices with this type of damage can mostly be repaired. You will receive a quote. If your device cannot be repaired you will receive a quote for the replacement device.

The repair or replacement costs will be stated on the quote. We will not repair your device or deliver a replacement device until you have formally accepted the quote.

Other options that may be stated on the quote:

  • You can have the device returned to you without repair. You will only pay the ‘examination charge’.
  • You can ask us to dispose of the device in an environmentally friendly way. You do not pay anything.

Examination charge
The examination charge reflects the costs we incur registering the repair, examining and returning the device. The examination charge is at least €35.